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Seattle Dentist Provides Treatments for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

At the Snoring & Sleep Apnea Center, our services are exclusive to dental sleep medicine. We have been treating sleep apnea disorders in the Northwest for more than nineteen years. About 97% of our patients are referrals from medical doctors. Our patients are typically pre-diagnosed, usually after they’ve done an overnight sleep study and gotten medically diagnosed for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

We know from experience that changing your lifestyle can save your life! And being able to breathe during your nightly sleep means better sleep. Better sleep improves your energy during the days, too. Snoring is the sign of a restricted airway, and that is frequently an indication of obstructive sleep apnea. We exclusively treat sleep apnea disorders. You will experience better sleep, better breathing, and better energy once you get your OSA treated!

With our practice being exclusive to Dental Sleep Medicine for 19 years, we have the most experienced team in the field who will use their expertise to do everything possible to receive the highest reimbursement for you with your medical insurance. As one of our valued dental sleep medicine patients, we will always do our best to take care of you every time you visit our office.

We work closely with the medical community to ensure your sleep apnea and snoring treatments are effective and fit well with your lifestyle and your doctor’s recommendations. We know that oral appliances should be comfortable and easy to maintain, and we do our best to ensure you have the sleep apnea treatment that best suits you.

The Snoring & Sleep Apnea Center welcomes new patients from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska to our Seattle office. If you’re a patient seeking sleep apnea treatments, you can contact us now. We welcome all referring medical doctors, and make your referral easier with this form. Dr. Christian and his team will work with you to select the device that effectively and efficiently treats your OSA and snoring problems.

Dr. Katharine Christian

Katharine Christian

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